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Drew MEGA-MAN for a friend!!!!!!!! I think it turned out great. Just based it off of his jumping pose but HHHHHHHH habbeeb it Habbahoobawhatsits WOW

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ive seen a couple audio posts with weird super mario sunshine sfx; out of curiosity i took the sound banks out of sms and uh

it’s terrifying

i cut out all the sfx that aren’t like voices for npcs or creatures or whatever and left them in order as found in the soundbanks

we start with mario

then npcs, where it turns out most of their sfx are pitched down in-game, so unedited from the sound bank they’re really high pitched

then it just keeps getting worse. i have no idea where some of these are actually used-in game if at all

the entirety of the middle part is simply incredible

this is just insane


did u know, there’s this small rural town in japan called obama.
so there’s this girl in a 2007 drama who moved from the city to obama.
and she hates it at first and blames the town for her misery.
i kid u not. didn’t make this shit up.


big city folk:  eats starbucks every meal, knows how to hail a cab with that weird whistle thing where they stick their hand in their mouth

regular ol fella:  wouldn’t do the weird stick their hand in their mouth whistle thing if their life depended on it because it’s weird